Serving Markham, Richmond Hill, Thornhill  area, ages 3-17.

We specialize in  Ballet and Pointe (Cecchetti Method),  Hip Hop,  Jazz,  Musical Theatre,  Lyrical,  Tap,  Acro and Contemporary.

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TDI Dance Disciplines

Classical Ballet

Ballet is the foundation for all dance disciplines. At The Dance Institute the Cecchetti method of Classical Ballet is taught, including Pointe work beginning at the appropriate level. T.D.I. also offers Examinations under the I.S.T.D. syllabus.This is a group of young dancers performing a ballet classic.


One of the most fundamental dance forms in the performing arts. Strength and style are an important part of learning Jazz and each student will benefit from the technique learned in each class. All Jazz classes include a warm up, progressions and technique and of course Jazz choreography. This video shows our championship 11 and under jazz routine.


Rhythm and sounds of the feet are combined to create this dance form. Centre exercises as well as progressions across the floor will strengthen technique and improve musicality.

Hip Hop

Combines funk and street style moves in this fast paced and fun class. Students will learn intricate choreography to the latest urban and hip hop music. Be prepared to sweat and have fun! I am sure you know what Hip Hop dancing looks like but here is an example of a TDI routine.


Combines the grace and technique of Ballet, along with the style and strength of Classical Jazz. Students learn to partner choreography and emotion to create this beautiful dance form.


Combines the strength from Gymnastics along with the artistry of dance. All Acro students will learn the fundamentals of gymnastics skills as well as how to combine those skills into dance choreography. Students will also learn the importance of strength and flexibility needed in Acro.


This dance form combines the importance of body movement, alignment as well as creative and artistic expression. Students will benefit from the technique learned, as well as being challenged with progressions and centre work.  Modern dance does have a certain structure but not as regimented as the ballet discipline. Self-expression is intertwined with moderns defined movement.


A style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. There is no defined structure. The dancer’s body movement is intended to convey their interpretation of the music. This free form is very popular amongst dancers today:Our award winning juniors demonstrate.

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